About Numina

~ The Numina Mission is to create safe and sacred womens circle within which women can explore and nurture their deepest selves. ~

The Latin word numina is the plural of the word numen, which means presence of the divine. Numina's programs seek to cultivate the numinous; that is, to create space in which women are continually aware of numina, the manifold expressions of the divine presence that beckon for our attention.

Numina encourages women to claim their unique gifts and move from the inner journey toward the outward journey of service to others. This intentional journey enables the development of deep, lasting and supportive friendships.

Board of Directors:

Chair - Patty Smith                                    Secretary Treasurer - Diane Davis



Pam Noble is the "birth mother" of the Numina Program and the Connectedness Principle.  She is a vision quest guide for WomanQuest and is passionate about creating rites of passage for women in the natural world.

Betsy Willis is the "birth mother" of the Delight Principle.  Known to many as "VRM" the "Veri Revrund Mother," she is a contemplative crone and clown who can now play without the make up.

Patty Smith is the "birth mother" of the Abundance Principle and the Numina WOW circles. She has worked with women in the worlds of education, sports, investing, and comprehensive financial planning.

Betsy Fuller is the "birth mother" of the Integration Principle. She has a background of leadership in church, aging services, state government and private non-profits and teaches yoga and mindfulness based practices.

Carol King is the "birth mother" of the Empowerment Principle.  She is active in Rotary, and is a community developer, entrepreneur and a principal of Carol L. King & Associates, P.A.

About the Numina Logo


numina logo The founders developed the Numina logo as a woman journeying to the center of herself which is also the journey to the center of the universe. She is called Double Helix woman after the model upon which the program is based, a model representing the journey inward to center and the journey outward to service. Using the Seven principles for Transformation that arose out of our personal mission statements and that correspond to the seven energy centers in the body or the chakras, the founders developed a curriculum based on experiential, body-oriented activities. Beginning with the root chakra, the Numina principles are: Abundance, Empowerment, Integration, Connectedness, Delight, Service, Renewal .