The founders developed the Numina logo as a woman journeying to the center of herself which is also the journey to the center of the universe. She is called Double Helix woman after the model upon which the program is based, a model representing the journey inward to center and the journey outward to service. Using the Seven Principles for Transformation that arose out of our personal mission statements and that correspond to the seven energy centers in the body, or the chakras, the founders developed a curriculum based on experiential, bodyoriented activities. Beginning with the root chakra, the Numina principles are: Abundance, Empowerment, Integration, Connectedness, Delight, Service, Renewal.


(Nurturer) - We already have everything we need to become who we are created to be.
"Living the principle of abundance means not only believing that everything we need to fulfill the purpose of our lives is resident within us but also claiming this truth in daily gratitude. The more we be-come aware of our unique gifts and the personal mission for which we are created, the more we are able to live from our center, grounded and grateful, open to life and all its possibilities." Patty


(Muse) - We must know ourselves before we accept the trust of leading others.
"We step out into today's light and see a world full of presenting problems, confronting circumstances and limiting realities. We all want to be reminded of the empowerment that is ours. Searching is required for a full experience of empowerment. My thoughts of searching outward remind me that I must first go inward. Divine Light is needed to recognize the full power and strength of our center. This provides clarity for living our creativity with the power to lead ourselves and others." Betsy B.


(Leader) - We journey inward so that we may journey outward from wholeness.
"Integration is about developing our personal power. The third chakra, which is integration, embodies our sacred truth. As we embrace this truth, we become willing to take the necessary steps to act on the desires of our heart, living into our truth. We journey inward to find our wholeness and the ability to honor our complete self. When we journey outward from our place of wholeness, we are propelled into action. Through integration we move from what we imagine to creative tangible results." (Inte gration = Into greatness) Jackie


(Healer) - We deepen our connectedness by living the present moment from our heart-wisdom.
"Living from heart-wisdom is an experience of immediate abundance, for our heartbeats are our present connection to the world around us and to those we love. When we open our hearts, the rhythms of our own lives entrain with the rhythm of the universe, and we become connected to the all, to the spirit that lives and moves among us. As Numina women we are invited to pay attention and to live fully the present moment so that we are able to deepen that vital connection to what is happening in the NOW, in the ongoing moments in which we are given all we need to become conduits of loving, healing energy for each other." Pam


(Teacher) - Humor and play are our necessary companions as we learn to speak our truth.
"Speaking our truth, confession, does that surprise you being in the company of humor and play? In Numina we respect the fact that the depth of our internal passage is equal to the height of our joy and delight. Our laughter and ridiculousness help us travel the difficult routes. Where is there delight, joy, or fulfillment in the present or potential situation?" Betsy W.


(Sage) - Service means listening ourselves and others into greater being.
"The act of service is to give, to offer, to reach out. In Numina we believe the best gift is first to ourselves in the form of self-nurture. Through serving ourselves we prepare to offer our gifts to others from a full cup. As we listen to what our bodies need, we hear that still small voice that calls us to silence, journaling, rest, play, creativity. When we are able to listen ourselves into greater being, then we are able to give, offer, reach out and listen others into greater being."


(Mystic) - When we live as one, we are renewed and transformed.
"Renewal is Sabbath time, a time of remembering our journeys and a sharing of our experiences with one another. It is an intentional time set aside to come together as one - one with our creator, with all the parts of ourselves and with others. The principal of Renewal means that we have surrendered control, let go of our attachments as well as the outcomes and have given our best to living in alignment with the spiritual power of our faith journey. Then we are truly renewed and transformed."