Numina - Exploring and Nurturing Our Deeper Selves by Judith Phoenix Published in All about Women, December '08.

Numina: Mentoring Wholeness by Patricia Dee. Published in Western North Carolina Women, March '08.

Numina has been an essential tool in my 'survival kit' for life this year. i can't imagine what I would have done with out it. I feel really a part of this community of women and have needed this kind of CONNECTION in my life. Numina has provided a non-threatning learning adventure during my journey to grow and mature. I would recommend this 'path' to anyone on a personal journey for growth. --Terri

In Numina there is a meshing of intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and interpersonal experiences that really works for me. I have been in many workshops, programs, classes, groups, therapy sessions and never before encountered such grounding. And I have rarely LAUGHED so much and felt so affirmed as I have in Numina. --Fran U.

I have learned how to capture my INNER PERSONAL POWER. I now know that I have and I am everything I need to be of service to myself and others. I have learned how to fill that empty spot deep inside. I can now allow life to flow through me. --Karen P.

Numinettes are hearty souls. They have BROUGHT MORE HUMOR into my life. Connecting with others who are on a personal journey is unique. I got to know women in a very different, loving way. I am more aware of my abundance and who I am and what I have to offer in service to myself and others. --Jennifer

My journey with Numina is full of BRIGHT MAGICAL MOMENTS. One year ago, I could no imagine myself being where I am today. Because of Numina, my inner light shines more brightly, with more clarity, and I am ready for my next journey. --Robin

Numina has reminded me of the importance of my SPIRITUAL JOURNEY and the value of being intentional about living authenticly.  The principles are affirming and helpful.  They remind me that I am enough by saying to me who I am is what I have to give --Karen H.

The Numina program has been a life-altering, TRANSFORMATIVE experience that helped me to identify my life's mission.  I now know that service to my self and others that is in concert with my mission is a source of joy, energy, freedom and growth.  I am empowered!  I find joy in everyday. --Betty J.

 Numina is an exploration, an acceptance to a challenge to seek out the core of my being and bring this back to my COMMUNITY.  Through the use of the principles and the energy centers of my body (and corresponding colors and sounds), I have been given the opportunity to examine, nurture, plant, sow, grow, rebuild, birth and rebirth the all inclusive aspects of myself. --Sandy